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Lot of Thoughts to Provide the Best Flats at the Least Rates

June 19, 2018 | Admin

Lot of Thoughts to Provide the Best Flats at the Least Rates

The Ubber Group has been making a lot of projects but this is one which is providing commercial spaces as well as residential flats together.

This project is being made on a large scale and is going to bring a huge difference to the area.

This is a fantastic project that will be accommodating a residential as well as a commercial undertaking and it is going to be very beneficial for all those will be investing in this project.

The project which has been put here is called Ubber Mews Gate which has a very thoughtful design in low and high rises.

It is located in the Chandigarh Ropar Highway with an impressive highway frontage at the NH 21. It is just a few minutes away from Max Hospital and the VR Punjab Mall.

In case of an emergency people will not have o drive over for many miles as the hospital is just nearby and since there is another mall vet close to it, all those who will invest in commercial spaces will be beneficial as there will be a good influx of customers.

The Ubber Mews Gate Kharar has no classic retail plasma with a secured and hater development and also surrounded by renowned universities and institutes.

It has a rooftop swimming pool with an indoor games room and a mini library. Since there’s a vast area with a commercial area as well, it is made solely for the purpose of conducting business in an easy manner.

The place where it is located is strategic as a result of which there will be a lot of buyers in that area.

Ubber Mews Gate Kharar in Mohali have been made by the developers but the prices of the property have not been mentioned and will only be given at the request of the people who are interested to buy the property.

There are properties that consist of 3BHK and have a carpet area of 935.25 sq.ft. And is a total surprise for everyone.

Hence this is a project which is going to be of good profit not only to the ones who buy space to stay there but also for all the businessmen and shopkeepers who are investing in the commercial purposes as well as there will be a long list of customers.

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